Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Best Color App You're Not Using Yet

I can't quite remember when I discovered the ChipIt! web app by Sherwin-Williams, but I was hooked. It's a simple idea: upload an image (or direct the app to a web page or web image) and it samples the colors, rendering a list of tones from the image with their corresponding S-W names.  I then open this image in Photoshop and sample the colors to get an RGB value to use in some of my design ideas. 

I absolutely LOVE the palette it created here

I was showing a colleague how to use this app today when I discovered that they had come out with an even better application, called the ColorSnap for smartphones and tablets.  Seriously, I cannot get enough of this app, I'm so hooked.  

Picking up color tones from random flowers during an outing

Just plug in the RGB colors and you're ready to go

Ever been out and about and seen a fabulous color and tried to take a picture of it so you can use it later in design?  Well, now this app does just that, and provides you with RGB and LRV values.  I find that it also works insanely well for color-balancing an image, when I am trying to remember exactly what shade the color was in situ.  The app is free, you should download it.  You're welcome.


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