Recommended Equipment

Being a photographer isn't so much about having all the fancy equipment (although it certainly doesn't hurt).  The most important thing is having the right tool for the job.  These are a few sites that will help you with your growing arsenal, and perhaps point you down new paths to explore.  Check back often for updates.

Not so much a product, but an online store stocking some of the most unique photo-related objects out there.   From esoteric goods like temporary tattoos, to high-end and high-tech items like stabilizing camera dollies, Photojojo is a fringe alternative to old standards like B&H and Adorama, that might add a creative spark to your photo journeys.  

Sure, the camera has its own functions for setting a time delay, remote shutter, and bulb settings, but a) have you tried to set these when it's dark outside, b) for perfectly blur-free photographs, or c) over a period of many days, or even when you are nowhere near your camera?  The iOShutter is an an app on your iPhone that, with the help of a connecting cable, boosts your camera's capabilities to do all these things, and to create stunning time-lapse videos, night-time long-exposure captures, and many other potential projects.

A good, professional scanner can change the life of a photographer.  Some, as a matter of fact, use the scanner as their sole equipment to make photography.  This particular scanner is easy to use and can capture a high-resolution image quickly and efficiently.  Also, if you are looking for a really great scanner to digitize your medium format and large format slides and negatives, this scanner is just one rung below a drum scanner.  If you, like most of us, cannot afford a drum scanner, this might be the right scanner for you.

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