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Photography is an on-going process of self-teaching.  It is incredibly important to stay up to date with the latest trends, and also to continue learning from other photographers and visual artists.  These are a few sites that keep me "with it," and inspire me to continue to develop new work (and write new blog posts).  Check back often for new additions to this list.

This fantastic blog is the brainchild of Dave Hobby, a self-styled lighting guru with a knack for breaking down small-flash (speed light) photographic lighting to the basics, and encouraging people to embrace a DIY-style of illumination for their images.  The Strobist approach is witty, fun, and ingenious, engaging to the new reader, and rewarding to the longtime fan.  Recently, Dave Hobby partnered with Joe McNally to offer a series of lighting seminars around the country.

50,000 ardent followers can't be wrong.  This site is a fascinating compendium of editorials, equipment analysis, how-to classroom, and video depot.  Sometimes, it's just a place to go see what (or who) is currently "cool" in the world of photography.

A group effort, a site where photographers can share their work, and see the work of others, moderated by Andy Adams.  Also, an up-to-date rundown of the hottest names in photography.  They are very active on social media, and recently introduced (2012) a Facebook page with a real-time, single-feed scrolling collection of Facebook photography pages.

An organization that, in their words, "exist(s) to inspire understanding of the world through quality photojournalism."  They run exhibitions, galleries and contests showcasing the world's best photojournalists.   Go here for news and anecdotes of this very popular photographic genre.

HDR guru Trey Ratcliff shares his insights into the world of photographic dynamic range.  Tutorials, demos, videos and eye candy abound.  He often reviews equipment and is a good source for product referrals.

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