Friday, January 6, 2012

A Little Bit of Miami Flavor

This past weekend, I celebrated the arrival of the New Year in sunny and warm Miami, Florida.  Although I happened to come down with one of the worst sinus and ear infections in my personal experience during my time there, this did not stop me from enjoying some of the intense sights and colors that the city has to offer.  During a visit to Jungle Island (formerly Parrot Jungle), I caught some fun angles of a few fantastic critters during a phenomenal behind-the-scenes tour:

Plenty of parrots, macaws, and other colorful birds from around the world are found throughout the park. 

My favorites, however, were the kangaroos.  Loved every little fuzzy thing about them.
Kangaroo feet.

A cute little guy.
There are plenty of reptiles, too, including this prickly iguana.
Did you know alligators hiss when they're angry?

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